Nuovo volume: Ecocriticism and Chinese Literature. Imagined Landscapes and Real Lived Spaces

Editors: Riccardo Moratto, Nicoletta Pesaro, Di-kai Chao.

Contributors: Astrid Møller-Olsen; Victor J. Ulysse Vuilleumier; Chirstipher K. Tong; Cosima Bruno; Shuang Xu; Mia Chen Ma; Yue Zhou and Xi Liu; Melinda Pirazzoli; Nicoletta Pesaro; Xuying Yu; Martina Codeluppi; Alessandra Pezza; Gwennaël Gaffric; Christopher N. Payne. With a foreword by Yinde Zhang.

Publisher: Routledge


Focusing on ecocritical aspects throughout Chinese literature, particularly modern and contemporary Chinese literature, the contributors to this book examine the environmental and ecological dimensions of notions such as qing (情) and jing (境).
Chinese modern and contemporary environmental writing offers a unique aesthetic perspective toward the natural world. Such a perspective is mainly ecological and allows human subjects to take a benign and nonutilitarian attitude toward nature. The contributors to this book demonstrate how Chinese literary ecology tends toward an ecological-systemic holism from which all human behaviors should be closely examined. They do so by examining a range of writers and genres, including Liu Cixin’s science fiction, Wu Ming-yi’s environmental fiction, and Zhang Chengzhi’s historical narratives.
This book provides valuable insights for scholars and students looking to understand how Chinese literature conceptualizes the relationship between humanity and nature, as well as our role and position within the natural realm.